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Van Baerle Trio - Beethoven /1, Complete Piano Trios

Beethoven /1

Complete Piano Trios

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
CC 72765 Challenge Records 2017

Piano Trio in E flat major op. 1 no. 1 (1793/94)
1. Allegro
2. Adagio cantabile
3. Scherzo. Allegro assai
4. Finale. Presto

Piano Trio in c minor op. 1 no. 3 (1793/94)
5. Allegro con brio
6. Andante cantabile con Variazioni
7. Menuetto. Quasi Allegro
8. Finale. Prestissimo

Piano Trio in B flat major op. 11 (1798)
9. Allegro con brio
10. Adagio
11. Allegretto con Variazioni. Thema: Pria ch’io l’impegno

“The overwhelming quality of this new disc is a quite irresistible freshness: young man’s music, played with an inquisitive spirit, a spring-like clarity and (when necessary) a daredevil verve.”

Gramophone, 2018

“El trío Van Baerle es excepcionalmente brillante. Esta integral debería ser su doctorado, y por lo que llevamos oído bien podría ser cum laude”

Scherzo, 2018

“In den drei Trios versteht es das ‘Van Baerle Trio’, die Musik sehr rhetorisch werden und mit einer souveränen gestalterischen Geschmeidigkeit neben aller Leichtigkeit auch die Emotion nicht zu kurz kommen zu lassen. Das Adagio des Trios op. 11 ist in dieser Hinsicht absolut phänomenal in seiner Wirkung. Diese fünf Minuten fallen unter das Rauschmittelgesetz.”

Pizzicato, 2017

“Three early Beethoven Trios are translated to breathtaking conversations. The Van Baerle Trio brings the sparkling character of the youthful composer to fruition.”

NRC Handelsblad, 2018

“Ces interprètes trentenaires rendent à merveille l’esprit de ces oeuvres avec lequel le jeune compositeur s’apprêtait conquérir les mélomanes viennois et qu’il jugea dignes de porter son premier numéro d’opus, et tout au long de l’enregistrement, on ne cesse d’être émerveillé par la fraîcheur, le plaisir et le sens de la découverte qui font le prix de cette excellente interprétation.”

Crescendo Magazine, 2018

“The Van Baerle Trio plays Beethoven’s piano trios as if in conversation directly with the listener. All three musicians have their own voice, though the choice of words is always one of the collective. The string players can touch keys, the piano can sound like bowed instruments, and the result is astonishingly unified and therefore extremely communicative.”

Luister, 2018

“The Van Baerle Trio plays with charm and always perfectly in balance. The trio is at its best when the music demands a melancholic touch.”

De Volkskrant, 2017

“There are some recordings that, from the outset, seem to settle you into a nice feeling that all will be well with the world, at least for the duration of the programme, and this is one such. If you want your mood lifted by sparkling performances of some of Beethoven’s sunniest music then this is the place to be. I for one plan to be first in line for volume 2.”

MusicWeb International, 2018

“Do you know the meaning of Spielfreudigkeit? If not: buy this cd. And if yes: also buy this cd.”

Reformatorisch Dagblad, 2018

“An excitingly crafted, well balanced reading. In short: They got it just right! A most promising debut of a projected complete cycle. And what’s more: Thus far not available in hi-resolution.”, 2017

“The best of the best. With the recording of these trios, the Van Baerle Trio effortlessly rank themselves amongst the international top class; which says a lot in this much performed and recorded repertoire.”

OpusKlassiek, 2017