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Van Baerle Trio - Beethoven /3, Complete Piano Trios

Beethoven /3

Complete Piano Trios

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
CC 72781 Challenge Records 2018

Piano Trio in D Major, Op. 70 No. 1
1. Allegro vivace e con brio
2. Largo assai ed espressivo
3. Presto

Piano Trio in E-flat Major, Op. 70 No. 2
4. Poco sostenuto – Allegro ma non troppo
5. Allegretto
6. Allegretto ma non troppo
7. Finale. Allegro

8. Variations in E-flat Major, Op. 44

“The effect is liberating and, in these joyous, playful performances, utterly refreshing. The effect is of real chamber music – up close and very personal.”

“It's a little miracle to hear just how much humour and verve the Van Baerles find in this far-from-vintage Beethoven. I can't wait to hear their Archduke.”

Gramophone, 2019

“That leads to beautiful color nuances in, among others, the Largo of the “Ghost Trio” and, by the way, an excellent balance between piano, violin and cello. After the hypervital, boldly played finale of opus 70/2, you're happy that your CD player has a repeat button.”

NRC Handelsblad, 2019

“Der Virtuosität in den schnellen Sätzen wird in den langsamen Sätzen das sehr warm und sensibel vorgetragene Ausformulieren gegenübergestellt. In den drei Werken verstehen es die Musiker, rhetorisch und mit einer souveränen gestalterischen Geschmeidigkeit, die auch die Emotion nicht zu kurz kommen lässt, zu parlieren.”

Pizzicato, 2019

“This release also belongs to the highest regions of the Beethoven piano trio discography.”

Luister, 2019

“What a relief! Robust in the opening and closing movements, quiet and lyrical where the music demands it and completely consistent in approach. This is the new standard.”

Reformatorisch Dagblad, 2019

“With this third volume the Van Baerle Trio confirm being well on their way to deliver a complete set that doesn’t turn pale in the face of the very best available in any format. Moreover, theirs has the advantage of boasting a supreme sound quality.”, 2018

“The ability of the three players to change the atmosphere, to reinforce or to oppose each other is exceptional. This is a refreshing vision which greatly complements the masterful interpretations of the past, while at the same time adding a dimension which makes you look at the Titan of music with a different sonority.”

Stretto, 2018

“To my ears the Van Baerle Trio is amongst the top rank in terms of performance and recorded quality.”

MusicWeb international, 2018

“Youthfulness shines through their music making, but is complemented with the sparkling spirituality that gives this music its incredible value.”

OpusKlassiek, 2018