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Van Baerle Trio - Beethoven /4, Complete Piano Trios

Beethoven /4

Complete Piano Trios

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
CC 72782 Challenge Records 2019

Piano Trio in B-flat Major, Op. 97 ‘Archduke’
1. Allegro moderato
2. Scherzo. Allegro
3. Andante cantabile, ma però con moto
4. Allegro moderato

5. Allegretto in B-flat Major, WoO 39

Piano Trio in E-flat Major, WoO 38
6. Allegro moderato
7. Scherzo. Allegro ma non troppo
8. Rondo. Allegretto

9. Variations on ‘Ich bin der Schneider Kakadu’, Op. 121a

“This release brings a superb series to a magnificent close. I believe that this now represents the finest recording of Beethoven's most famous trio—the "Archduke"—ever to have been set down.”

“How gloriously this simple gesture is communicated, by both the player and the recording! Moments like these come around not so very often outside of live perfromance, and here they make regular and telling appearances.”

“I believe this is one of the great piano trio performances in the history of recording. This is a recording that should be in everyone's collection.”

Fanfare Magazine, 2020

“Chamber music performances in the best sense: modest in proportion, but rich in insight.”

Gramophone, 2020

“Por su sonido tan cercano y la elegancia y la claridad en el fraseo y en la articulación junto al toque distintivo del sello tan personal de Van Baerle Trio, nos encontramos ante una grabación a tener muy en cuenta.”

Ritmo, 2020

“Das Van Baerle Trio lässt sich mit Haut und Haar auf Beethoven ein, macht vor allem Kleinigkeiten zu Juwelen. An anderen Stellen spielt das Trio so warm und innig, dass es einem fast die Sprache verschlägt, weil diese Einigkeit unter den Musizierenden so anrührt.”

WDR 3 Tonart, 2019

“Once again the interpretations are striking by the youthful verve and the refined musicality with which they are played.”

Musicalifeiten, 2019

“Although I’m sure this set is now a firm contender to any other (more or less) complete release in any format, it is the only and therefore top choice in Super Audio. And rightly so.”, 2019

“There is that essential, concentrated energy, the depth and the sparkle that come together in these interpretations as convincingly as the flawless phrasing and rhythmic profiling.”

Opusklassiek, 2019